Britney's list for The Dorchester

It pretty much goes without saying that any female celebrity will be accused of being a diva at some point or another. (Men are allowed.)

Well, a quick look at Britney's requirements for staying at The Dorchester Hotel in London next month shows that in the Hollywood scheme of things, the star might just be relatively normal after all. According to CBS News, Britney has kindly requested:

* A room that has "never" been smoked in at all.
* Humidifiers in all areas.
* A selection of the latest magazines.
* A fresh selection of flowers that she will then arrange herself.
* DVDs of her favorite Marilyn Monroe movies.
* Books. Ideally, topical chick lit novels.
* Lighting must be 100 watt bulbs - no low lighting.
* Running routes for nearby Hyde Park. Also, horse-riding opportunities.
* A list of different routes to the venue from the hotel to keep the paparazzi at bay.

Pitched against Mariah Carey's ridiculous demands - new toilet seats on all the lavs, 'expensive French mineral water' for her and her dog to bathe in, or J-Lo - humidifiers keeping the room at a constant 26 degrees, own brand of perfume sprayed in her suite before she arrives, white lilies literally everywhere and Britney's runner looks positively humble. So well done Mz Spears for not being a diva. Much.

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