Britney’s back!

So the reviews are in for Britney Spears’ TV performance on American sitcom How I Met My Mother which aired yesterday in America. And…? Well, it looks like she did pretty well. Britney hasn’t exactly been on form lately, and she may finally be getting back to her old self. One critic on one of America’s biggest TV magazines reports: "She looked like the Britney we used to know. Long blonde hair and great make-up. She was funny too."

Another goes on to say: "I have to say this episode definitely exceeded my expectations. I think Britney played awkward neurotic quite well." (The journo’s being sarcastic, right?) One critic even marks her appearance in the show as the star’s turning point back into being the world-class performer she used to be. "This will be remembered as the beginning of the return of Britney as an actress, a personality, as someone trying to be normal in a pretty crazed world. Good for her." (Oh, for goodness sake…)

So all this and Britney being spotted leaving a Hollywood recording studio - she really may be getting back on track! Keep up the good work Brit!

(Image: from YouTube)

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