Britney texts Adnan on the sly

In a plotline more twisty and turny than a Brazilian soap opera, Britney Spears has allegedly been texting her ex lover Adnan Ghalib pleading with him to rescue her from her father.

Ghalib, Britney's one time boyfriend and ex pap, is under court order not to contact the singer for the next 3 years on the grounds of upsetting her mental state and/or jeopardising the pots of gold she'll earn as a result of a successful comeback. If caught communicating with Britney, he'll be sent directly to jail.

A source told The Sun; "She keeps sneaking messages to Adnan begging him to help her win back her freedom. She says she is lonely and misses being able to date the men she chooses. She feels trapped. She has been begging him to meet her and help her come up with a plan to get out of her dad's conservatorship. Some messages have got back to her via her hairdressers and style team - but Adnan cannot contact her otherwise he will face jail."

It's a modern day Romeo and Juliet except Romeo's a bit of a gold digger and Juliet's losing the plot. And she owes £1.5 million in lawyers bills. Stay away from Adnan Britney.....

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