Britney Spears goes anime

Britney Spears has been looking a bit, well, ropey recently. You’d need metre-thick make-up and hours of airbrushing to make her look presentable at times.

So the music biz has taken the matter into its own hands with Brit’s latest video for Break the Ice. It features a passable likeness for Britney – but as a slender, gorgeous, ass-kicking cartoon superhero. Britney’s been ‘replaced’ by Kim Possible, wethinks.

The video itself is a cobbled together mess of trite clichés. We’re guessing it was made after the animators stayed up all night watching Kill Bill and back to back Matrix I, II and III.

Okay, so cartoon Britney is hot. But, because she’s a lot hotter than the real thing, it’s all a bit tragic, really.

(Image: from YouTube)

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