Britney Spears and Jason Trawick split

The rollercoaster career and life of Britney Spears appears to be on one of its downward lurches. Following hot on the tail of the news that she will be leaving the US X Factor after just one series, sorry “season”, it has emerged that her engagement to Jason Trawick is very much off.

"Jason and I have decided to call off our engagement," Britney announced in a statement. "I'll always adore him and we will remain great friends." Course they will. The 41 year-old Trawick, formerly the singer’s agent, has offered an element of stability in her life after her breakdown in 2010 after addiction issues led to her losing custody of her two sons, entering rehab and, for some reason, shaving off her hair.

Spears had been looking forward to a marriage that might have been third time lucky. Her secondf husband was dancer Kevin Federline whom she divorced in 2006, after a year. She had previously married her childhood friend Jason Alexander in Las Vegas in 2004. When the pair woke up, presumably with the mother of all hangovers, they quickly annulled the marriage, after 55 hours of wedded stupor.

Considering that experience, it would be understandable if Spears vowed never to go anywhere near Vegas again. Instead she is apparently considering offers to embark on a cabaret season in one of the casino resorts.

It is apparent that she isn’t cut out for the business of being a bitchy X Factor judge, lacking the spiky personality necessary to hold her own on one of Simon Cowell’s talent shows. Instead she is determined to resurrect her on-off singing career.

Trawick, as ever, remained loyal and supportive. "As this chapter ends for us a new one begins,” he said. "I love and cherish her and her boys and we will be close forever."

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