Britney flirts with the cult of Scientology

Uh oh. According to Heat Magazine, Britney Spears may be the latest celebrity to fall into the clutches of celebrity 'religion' Scientology. Spears has been in touch with the Cruise Missile and wife Katie Holmes about using the controversial cult to get her right in the head again after a tumultuous year of plot losing, plot regaining and a superbly stage managed comeback.

"I have met Katie a few times, so I called her up and just started asking questions about Scientology. I'm always open to new things. Katie told me she wasn't so sure about it at first either, but once Tom explained it to her and she read the books and took some classes, it really started to work for her. Then Tom wanted to talk to me about it, so I did. He was nice and answered all my questions and sent me books."

Books in the post? Furtive conversations about aliens? Classes? Fast track to enlightenment via 'donations'. Nothing fills a spiritual void like a celebrity religion...Don't do it Britney!

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