Britney crashes car and gets pregnant

Britney's still plop at driving and has either been bingeing on too many pies or is up the spout again.

First off - Spears's mini road bump. Britney slows down and comes to a stop at a red light in LA - good. Gets impatient / can't be bothered waiting for lights to change - not so good. Puts car into gear while light still red - naughty. Foot to the floor and lurches into the car in front before light turns green - very naughty. Gets bodyguard to apologise to the lady she rammed - like her style!

Pregnant? Probably. Papped having a ciggie on a balcony with a massive belly - but could just be fat. The daddy? The Brummie? A guy she met on the street? Who cares! That's quite enough Britney chat for one day.

Britney Stoned - life is one big car crash

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