British manners getting worse : poll

Rush to help old ladies across the road with their shopping trollies? Hold doors open for women? Try not to spit in public when you've got a greeny brewing? Then you're part of a sacred few.

A poll by ITV programme Tonight With Trevor McDonald has found that Britons are much ruder than 10 years ago - and that bad manners could cause society to implode!

90% of all respondents believed British parents to be responsible for the demise in courtesy by not drumming manners into their precious offspring from the off. Three quarters of respondents blamed the education system for not taking time out of maths and English to teach kids basic manners. While practically everyone agreed celebrities and football stars should go straight to the naughty corner for setting such an awful example in the manners department.

Esther Rantzen is leading the charge in a 'Campaign for Courtesy' which she hopes will put an end to anti social nasties like forgetting ps and qs, cursing and queue jumping.

"I think my generation has a lot answer for because I think the youth culture in the 60s and early 70s threw out every rule book and thought it was really clever to use four letter words," said Rantzen on Tonight With Trevor McDonald (airing later tonight)

One word for you Rantzen. Cyclical.

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