British Comedy 'not very good'

Ricky Gervais has blasted the state of British comedy, claiming that it's sub-Curb Your Enthusiasm and that he doesn't watch it any more. Which is a bit rich given that's pretty much exactly what his risible Extras was, but hey-ho.

'I don't watch TV comedy in the UK any more,' said the once-funnyman. 'We've got some poor copies of Curb Your Enthusiasm, some poor copies of Entourage and some poor copies of Seinfeld. With a few exceptions the Americans seem to be ahead of the game.

Most of which is true, but unfortunately he has to back this up with straw man arguments like 'Americans are brought up to succeed while us Brits yada yada yada'.

'In Britain, it's like you shouldn't put your head too high above the other poppies,' he said, predictably. 'I think it's the way we're brought up. Americans are told they can become the next president. English people are told, “It won't happen to you”.'

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