Britain’s loneliest schoolboy get’s over 2,000 Christmas Cards

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At times we all can get lonely, but we most likely have not been as lonely as 10 year-old Aron Anderson. Anderson lives on the Scottish Isle of Out Skerries which is 386 miles north of the Edinburgh. There he is the only schoolboy at Skerries Community School where his education costs the local council £75,357 per year.

Because Aron is the only pupil at the school he gets plenty of attention from his teacher Jean Harlow. They cover everything from maths and sciences to cookery and craft. In his free time he spends time with the family pet dogs, sheep and ducks.

Aron previously had peers who were also his siblings but they have since moved to a secondary school that is 2.5 hours away by boat. Now he is the only student in the school that is complete with 2 classrooms, a playground and a library. Aron stated that “It is quite weird sometimes – not having anyone else at school...But I like this island. I can ride around and explore on my bike; in summer I can swim in the sea and jump off the pier.”

This story was heard earlier this year by Ross McMahon, a Reddit user. He was so moved by the story that he asked other Reddit users to make this Christmas special for Aron by sending him Christmas cards. Aron has received over 2,000 cards from all over the world. His mother said, "We've had cards from Canada, Australia, Japan, Belgium, France… it takes quite a long time to open them all!"

Him and his mother were also invited to This Morning Studios which was a 13 hour trip. Seeing as this was Aron’s first time to London This Studio made an itinerary for the pair and put them up in a luxury hotel for 3 nights.

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