Britain's got too much talent

We feel sorry for the poor lackey in charge of the Excel spreadsheet because all sorts of category shifting and tweaking is going on behind the scenes at Britain's Got Talent. There are too many 'talented' over 25s - a problem that has never existed before, so some of this lot are being shunted into a different group to save them from early elimination. We don't understand. Fortunately, The Sun does. Here's their analysis:

'There are normally twice as many under-25 singers as over, but with some of the best acts being in their mid-20s this year they wanted to make sure they didn't lose them. It means singers aged 25 to 27 have been put in the solo girls or boys categories normally reserved for contestants aged 16 to 24. But one boot camp finalist kicked out of the boys' category after Simon switched the selection criteria, said: 'He shocked everyone by saying he was changing the rules.'

Phew. People changing ages. Simon changing the rules. Is this a ratings grab, before the cash cow finally stops milking? Or are there suddenly a lot more talented 25 year olds than ever before in Britain. Simon? Piers? Anyone?

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