Brit nips out one too many times...

There's something very creepy about a dad making sure his 28 year old daughter wears a bra. But then most dads aren't forced to endure photos of their wayward daughter's nipples in all the rags. We can see his point...

Jamie Spears has been managing Britney's affairs since her much publicised fall from grace - you know, the one where she shaved her head and went a bit batty in the face of chronic media overexposure. Since daddy stepped in, the public image has been spruced up immeasurably and the Britney cash-cow is once again milking on full udders. But Jamie doesn't want that to all go to pot because his reckless popspring keeps nipping out.

A source elaborates: 'Jamie's control over Britney's life is incredible. He hates the pictures of her with her nipples all over the place so he has banned her from leaving the house without a bra. He wants her to put across the right impression. One security guard was told he is close to getting fired because he lets her go out without her bra.'

We wonder if Russell Grant saw this nip-o-rama coming in Britney's stars?

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