Bring on the complaints

It’s been a year since all hell broke loose thanks to readers of The Daily Mail complaining about a phone call they never heard on Radio 2, and just as the dust has finally settled it looks like the BBC complaints department will have their work cut out again.

This time it’s (deservedly) for Anton Du Beke's comment about his Strictly Come Dancing partner Laila Rouass. According to The News Of The World, the prancer who also presents ‘Hole In The Wall’ on BBC1 saw Rouass after she had a spray-tan and blurted out; “Oh my God, you look like a P**i!”

"Laila and me have strong personalities and she gives as good as she gets,” said a quickly apologetic Du Beke, “I must say immediately and categorically that I am not a racist and that I do not use racist language. There was no racist intent. I apologise unreservedly for any offence my actions might have caused."

Since the revelation the BBC has received 63 complaints demanding Du Beke be sacked.

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