Bring in the lawyers

She is without doubt one of the world’s most beautiful women and, having just bagged a deserved Oscar for The Blind Side, one of the most successful, (all previous rom-com flops of course, erased from memory.) That was until rumours that her husband Jesse was playing away hit the wire.

Until now it’s been a lot of tittle tattle which may or may not have its origins in truth. Sandy's motorbike-nut and improbably named husband, Jesse James has called the claims ‘untrue and unfounded.’ But it looks like things have taken a turn for the worst: Bullock has brought in the divorce lawyer, reports TMZ.

It’s still unclear if the divorce lawyer are to file for divorce or file lawsuits against the sources that first brought the alleged affairs to the public's attention but either way ‘something is going to happen’.

Could all this talk of cheating just be a load of old Bullocks or has Jesse James been on The Blind Side? We'll keep you posted.

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