Bring back national service

Michael Caine was once the coolest Brit actor there was; simmering in Get Carter, complex and witty in Alfie and just damn creepy in The Ipcress File. However the Londoner has finally succumbed to the ravages of old age, calling for the return of national service as a way of lowering crime. No granddad, that does not work.

‘National service would create a sense of belonging rather than a sense of violence,’ the 76-year-old postured to the BBC, without any clear evidence to prove that. ‘I'm just saying put them in the army for six months.’

‘There should be a great plan to re-educate these youngsters. It's such a waste - they all feel society has let them down.’

Caine is starring in Harry Brown, directed by Daniel Barber, in which he plays a vigilante who take revenge on the young rapscallions who killed his friend.

‘It's unbelievable the amount of violence out there that doesn't get reported,’ said Barber. ‘What they have to deal with is something else. This film is the tip of the iceberg.’

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