'Bring back Cheryl!'

The UK X Factor auditions have reached Manchester, where it appears that the crowd aren't intending to politely receive the new bunch of novice judges. Poor old Tulisa was on the receiving end of some jeers, after the audience decided to show their appreciation for Cheryl.

According to The Mirror, a baying mob chanted, 'bring back Cheryl, bring back Cheryl', and the crowd's reaction to Tulisa left her apparently on the verge of tears. She criticised one auditionee for not 'connecting with the audience', and this was met with boos by the audience. Then, to make matters worse, Gary Barlow rebuked the N-Dubz singer, saying 'I don’t know what you’re going on about, Tulisa.'

And so the X Factor rollercoaster rumbles on its merry way...we think it's Gary's turn next.

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