Brian McFadden:Kerry is 'disgusting embarassment'

Brian McFadden is so effed off with ex wife Kerry Katona he gave the News Of The World showbiz desk a tinkle over the weekend and let rip about what he really thinks of her.

called Kerry a 'disgusting human being' and an "embarrassment...who manipulates people and plays the sympathy card for every stupid mistake she makes".

And the motive for the frenzied tabloid attack? Kerry blurting to journos the reason she went into premature labour with son Maxwell Croft was down to McFadders failing to deliver their two girls Molly and Lily Sue back on time from a trip to Australia.

And nothing to do with quaffing junk fodder, chain smoking, binge boozing and potentially even snurkling devils dust while waiting to pop!

goes on to say "She uses my two girls as a weapon in her childish games. She is an embarrassment to me, my family and my children" and that it "breaks our heart when the kids quote back stuff they've heard from Kerry - like mummy's going to The Priory because she's not feeling well".

Brian's parents Brendan and Maireed have also branded Kerry a big shouty mouth - saying Kerry's MTV show 'Crazy In Love' is about as true a reflection of Kerry a it gets - because that's how she actually is. They also fear for the safety of the kiddie winks when left with Kerry and Crofty - and have vowed to help Brian look after them if successful in his ongoing custody battle.

And we thought civilian life was tricky.

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