Breaking news: Kym Marsh named Celebrity Mum of the Year

What have Sharon Osbourne, Melinda Messenger and Kerry Katona all got in common? They’ve all been crowned ‘Celebrity Mum Of The Year,’ Ba Boom Choo! Funny how things turn out, isn’t it?

Its been announced that Kym Marsh is the recipient of this year's most prestigious title: ‘Celebrity Mum Of The Year 2009’ (second only to ‘Rear Of The Year’.) The 33 year old Corrie actress beat off random but fierce competition from other celebs with tots including, Holly Willoughby, David Cameron’s wife Samantha and Jordan formerly Katie Price, (really?)

On receiving her award at the ceremony (yes, there’s a ceremony) in Manchester, Marsh said; "It is a real honour to get this award. It is nice to know I have got a lot of support out there, it has been a really difficult year. I have been a single parent in the past and I have had struggles so hopefully people still think I have done the best by my children."

Things have been getting better and better for Kym, who also announced she’s now back with her former boyfriend Jamie Lomas, AKA Warren from Hollyoaks. Uhhh, don't you just love a happy ending?

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