Breakdancing pensioner on the fiddle?

While Susan Boyle wowed the public again with her performance of Memory on Britain's Got Talent on Saturday, OAP breakdancing sensation Fred Bowers isn't in the good books.

The pensioner has been branded a benefit cheat after it was revealed that he claims weekly disability payment for a problem with his left leg, which he says forces him to use a stick to walk. The Sun delivered a damning expose on the pensioner's disability status, including remarks from his neighbours about how it was 'well known in the area' that Fred was on benefits.

The 73 year old was ushered through to the semi finals of BGT after winning over the judges with his energetic performance, which included a headstand and a roly poly. Although not on a par with the acrobatic OAP dance combo from the Coldplay video, Fred's performance still garnered a stock Simon Cowell phrase - 'this is why I love this show, because of people like you...' while Amanda sat duly open mouthed and Piers looked on in awe. Exhausted after his BGT performance, Fred told viewers how he works 7 nights a week performing his routine in nightclubs in Loughborough. It was there that he was spotted by someone who said he should try out on BGT.

Defending his disability status, the OAP rightly pointed out that thus far he has earned no money from his dancing and what's more, that having a disability does not mean people cannot participate in sport.

“It’s mostly my back, neck and head that I move so I don’t see what the problem is because it is my leg that’s bad. I’m not earning a penny through my dancing yet so I don’t see the problem until I start earning.

He continued:“I’m likely to make a lot of money through my dancing and when I do I’ll get in touch with Motability and the payments will stop. Somebody is jealous, that’s all — and I suppose I’m going to get a few more critics. But surely I’m allowed to dance. People on Motability play sport and football and everything. My leg has not interfered with my dancing but I can’t walk very far without using a stick.”

Check out Fred giving it some on the dancefloor. Don't you wish your own grandad could pull out moves like this at a family wedding?

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