Brazilian woman is real life version of Princes Elsa

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The 2013 hit Disney animation Frozen earned a total of £853 million just in the box office. The film has also become one of the top Disney franchises and is loved by millions of children around the world. While there have been many girls and women who have dressed up as princess Elsa, the most impressive replication is found in Brazil.

23 year-old Andressa Damiani is from Blumenau, Brazil. She states that she always had doll like features growing up and was not a very typical looking Brazilian. She didn't have many friends growing up and she was an overall very shy girl.

Eventually when she reached 20, this veterinary physician decided she was going to embrace the look rather than have low self-esteem because of it. To help her look more “Elsa-like”, she started wearing blue contact lenses that covered her natural brown eyes. She added in blonde extensions and started wearing pastel coloured clothing.

On her YouTube video she explains how to apply makeup to get the similar doe-eyed look that she achieves. There are over 600k subscribers to her channel with over 1 million views of this specific video. She claims that with this look her self-esteem has improved.

While many believe she has had plastic surgery or starves herself to achieve her 20” waist, she claims that that is not the case at all. She simply goes for walks with her dog to keep her figure. This look is not loved by everyone though. She states that there are instances when she scares people on the street because of her unnatural look.

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