Brawling biddies

Mum-pop goddess Katie Melua had a little taste of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle at one of her gigs recently, when it all went off, Danny Dyer style. Instant street cred, yes? Er, no. Not when it's a pair of grannies kicking seven shades of dung out of each other, it isn't.

The pair of brawling biddies started going at it the launch of Melua's latest album, Pictures, at the Montage Hotel in LA, when their jostling for the best view got a bit heated. Next thing you know, one of them has had their wigged whipped off and it's got pwopah norty.

'It was unbelievable' said one shocked, but presumably amused gig-goer. 'Everything was very calm and low-key and then all of a sudden it kicked off at the front. When the crowds parted, you could see there were two old ladies tearing strips off each other. Katie just looked on in absolute horror until they were pulled apart. I don’t think anyone really knew what to do.'

'I can imagine that sort of thing happening at the back of a rock concert,' said Melua. 'But who would have thought it from two old ladies at one of my gigs!'

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