Brangelina: insanely rich

No, not likely, but it's certainly put us right off them (that and Ange stealing another woman's husband - no Ange, we haven't forgotten.) Anyway, a quick squiz at all the Brangelina break-up fever this week has led us to one conclusion: they are incredibly rich.

The Daily Mail has broken down their joint earnings and assets and it reads like a P-Diddy expense account with no limit. They have a joint fortune of £350million. They own mansions in France, California and New Orleans to name but a few. On top of that they own 6 kids and more on the way if Angelina's adoption wishes come true.

Meanwhile, the cruel and fickle hand of nature has reduced Haiti to virtual rubble while Brad Pitt is at the forefront of a telethon urging people to donate cash. We know that Brangelina donated a million, but geez, out of a £350million joint fortune?

Couldn't they have fished a bit deeper? Or at least sold off that really useful Dubai island shaped like Ethiopia of theirs...(Yes, really.)

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