Brangelina - 6 kids means no time for sex

Well well. Having enough kids for a football team might not be good for the sex life after all. Revealing a rare chink in the Jolie-Pitt armour, Angelina has claimed that their 6 strong collection of adopted and natural born kids (which they want to add to!) isn't exactly conducive to hot regular loving.

"We often try to have a bath alone together at the end of the night and sit and talk, but they hear the water and want to jump in" said Angelina who also described motherhood as 'hard work'.

Err, hello?! Of course parenthood is hard work, and of course multiple kiddie wink parenthood is even harder...is that really a surprise?

In fact it's exactly the sort of thing which should be left to people with: a) wads of disposable cash in the bank to pay for a team of round the clock nannies / and or manservants posing as 'bodyguards' b) wads of disposable cash in the bank to close down a whole African nation in order to give birth c) wads of cash in the bank for a personal trainer to hammer the post birth body straight back into shape d) wads of cash to stay at home and look after the kids without ever having to devote your life to anything else ever again.

Enough of celebrities and their huge status symbol families moaning about what hard work it is......

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