Brand's bid for glory

Russell Brand's career might have slightly hit the skids, but he's determined to make the most of his fame, establishing a production company with his pal Nik Linnen. The British comic announced the news in classicly tongue-in-cheek style, joking that he is especially keen to receive scripts involving long-haired actors with funny accents.

Russell gave a statement to the The Daily Mail, saying, 'We at the newly founded Branded Films are very excited to announce our new company and the opportunity for puns that it affords us. Russell Brand and Nik Linnen have coerced Beau Bauman into running our company. Our offices will be on the lot, our sincere hope is that we'll be in that water tower in which some of the Looney Tunes also live. For this we will expect a reduced rent. If you have any film ideas, send them to: Beau Bauman, the water tower, Warner Bros, Hollywood, America (care of E Fudd). We particularly welcome ideas that could feature a long-haired actor with an unintelligible accent (Rasputin/Tarzan/British Jesus). That's all folks,'

Russell's last acting venture 'Arthur' was panned by the critics, though his next film 'Rock of Ages', starring Tom Cruise has whetted the appetites of fans.

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