Branded unfunny

Veteran talk show host Michael Parkinson has launched into unprovoked broadside at TV funnyman Russell Brand, saying that his is ‘lucky’ to be famous and comparing him to the movie star dog Rin Tin Tin. For those of too young to have ever heard of Rin Tin Tin (and given that you're using the internet, that should be all of you), he was a German Shepherd who had a series of hit Hollywood films in the ‘20s and ‘30s.

Of course, when you’re getting married to bombshell Katy Perry and you have millions of pounds in the bank, the criticisms of a past-it chat show host, who seemingly only ever talks to past-it stand-up Bill Connolly these days, are probably not going to bother you all that much. Still, that didn’t stop the veteran broadcaster.

‘He doesn't make me laugh,’ he said. ‘I don't think his style of talking is particularly beautiful, funny or creative, not at all. I don't see the point of him, frankly.

‘I would say he has been a very lucky man. I mean, Rin Tin Tin had a very big career in Hollywood and he was a dog. You don't have to be particularly talented to have a career in Hollywood.’

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