Brand on SNL

Every TV funnyman/lady worth his/her salt is duty bound to appear on Saturday Night Live, where they are forced to do a million 'comedy' accents, spoofs of topical figures, and generally make fools of themselves. It was Anne Hathaways turn a few weeks ago, where she put in sterling work, parodying Kate Middleton and Katie Holmes, and on Saturday it was our very Russell Brand in the spotlight.

According to The Sun, Russ's not entirely hilarious opening monologue proceeds thusly, 'This is a difficult thing for me to point out, but you should know that I'm much more famous in England than I am here. I don't get any pleasure from telling you that - it's embarrassing. Fame really loses its edge if you have to tell people that you have it. It's like telling people you're sexually attractive. It really takes the edge off and makes people recoil. But I want you to trust me. I'm here hosting one of your great institutions. I want you to know that I'm not here to try and reclaim this colony for Her Majesty. You've done a wonderful job. It's yours now.'

Russell also attempted take-offs of a Colin Firth style monarch, an old lady, and a lusty TV presenter in a cookery show spoof. All sounds very Footlights...

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