Brand officially Worst Dressed Man

So which famous man needs a little bit of help in the wardrobe department. The “winner” of GQ magazines Worst Dressed Man goes to…Russell Brand. The lothario’s frizzy, bird’s nest of hair and his black skinnies haven’t gone down well in the style stakes. His signature style has been described as a "cross between Worzel Gummidge and Lord Byron after a night on acid". Even worse for Brand is that this is the second year running…

More embarrassingly though, is Prince William’s appearance on the Worst Dressed List. Not only is Wills ranked rather highly at number 12, his little bro made number 10 on the Best Dressed List. And his father and grandfather are on the Best Dressed List at numbers 25 and 33 respectively. Imagine if your dad and granddad dressed better than you! Oh the shame!

So who was best dressed? Bond actor Daniel Craig. Although we think people are judging him by his Bond attire. After seeing this photo, it appears his real-life sense of style leaves more to be desired…

(Image: from YouTube)

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