Brand new rumours

Oh dear. No sooner had they announced their nuptials and mobilised family members to go out and buy hats than the break up chatter began. Apparently, the Love Muscle's passion for his cherry chapstick has waned and he's reconsidering settling down. We thought if anyone was going to tire of the loved up union first, it would be Katy. There's only so long a girl can stand the skinny jeans and chest-rug combo, Russ's legendary wit aside....

The Daily Mail started the acerbic sniping last week, with a comment from a source about the pair's relationship: 'Everyone who knows him isn't really that surprised. He has a habit of declaring that a girl is 'The One' during the first weeks of dating, but it's just that it's never been this high profile before. It seems he's finding this relationship overwhelming.'

But this week, on the basis of the pair being seen together in an airport holding hands, the rocky rumours are now officially quashed.


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