Brand: ‘I’d love to marry Katy’

Russell Brand's much publicised womanising ways truly look like they have been lost to the history books after the comedian confessed he’d ‘love to marry Katy Perry’.

Rusty Rocket who has been courting the cherry chapstick-wearing Perry for approximately four months reportedly told the Daily Mail that he’s a changed man and ready to settle down.

‘I'd love to marry Katy - hopefully it's heading that way and I'm really happy’, the newspaper quote him as saying. ‘I really liked her parents, we got on well. But I'm not sure if I want them coming on holiday with us all the time.’

This could be surprising news not only to the world but to the potential in-laws-to-be who recently met Randy Brandy describing him as a ‘nice guy’ who they couldn’t see becoming a member of the family.

We'll have to see it to believe it.

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