Brand Beckham

It’s been reported that Victoria Beckham is to open a modeling agency in New York. According to The Daily Mail, one half of thick-n-thin wants to capitalise on her infamous pout by starting the business with a little help from the man behind ‘Brand Beckham,’ Mr Simon Fuller.

"Simon knows that Victoria is very savvy when it comes to fashion” says a source in the newspaper. “Simon's first foray into fashion was to team up Roland Mouret and Victoria, which was a huge success. Victoria is a key asset to Simon and he wants her to take on a major role.”

It’s also well known that money-bags Fuller has experience in the modelling field, currently owning the majority share holdings in London based agency Storm Models.

And to think Posh Spice wasn't even the most attractive one in The Spice Girls, hasn't she done well for herself?

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