Brad's useless says Ange

What with all the talk of Brangelina throwing in the towel and going their separate ways, it's no surprise that denials are being leaked to the press by their various sources (because celebs don't just come out and say things - they have their people say things). Well, rather than have a 'we're still in love' story seep into the public domain Ange has let it be known that - actually, she's pretty darn peeved with Brad and is THIS close to kicking him to the curb. Why? Beautiful Brad is useless around the house.

'Angie felt like Brad wasn't pulling his weight,' a source told Starpulse. 'She's exhausted and has been overwhelmed with the kids. She has nannies, but she wants to do it herself. Her kids are all in different stages now, running around, needing attention.'

Erm, Ange - that's what happens when you have an excessively huuuuge family. Could this mean she won't be adopting again? The smart money is on....

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