Brad's a Pitt of a Rascal

Attending the Kick Ass premiere, Brad Pitt was clearly in a merry and talkative mood, happy to chat away to the usually detested tabloid press and even covering such varied subjects as Dizzee Rascal, high jinks in Glasgow and gang warfare.

On our own dear Dizzee, Pitt told the Sun: 'That guy has got it. The kids are really into his stuff. I have worked out to that song Bonkers.' Now there's an image.....

Things then took a turn for the surreal, when Brad reminisced about his time in the highlands: 'I went to Scotland and travelled around years ago. I went everywhere, saw it all. Edinburgh and Glasgow were special - the architecture is something there. Charles Rennie Mackintosh, he was the man.'

'I even went up to Loch Ness to see what that was all about. When I was in Glasgow I got involved with this girl. She happened to be the ex-girlfriend of a bit of a bad guy. I ended up having to get out of town because I was getting 'that' look from a guy behind a bar. I think there is something about rival gangs in the city and I was about to find I was involved. I had to get out of there. It was heavy.'

What a charming man. Brad needs to get at the shandies in the vicinity of the press more often, in our humble view.

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