Brad Pitt yodels to plug World War Z

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Let's get one thing clear from the start. It's World War Zed. If Hollywood wants to impose its zombie blockbusters with pretensions of grandeur on our UK cineplexes, they need to respect the original language rather than their transatlantic mutant form. So there will be no World War Zee around these parts.

The amount of promotion the increasingly chubby Brad Pitt is putting into the film suggests he might be aware it needs a push. When the plugging circuit hit the Jimmy Fallon talk show (one of US broadcasting's also-ran talk shows) he was even prepared to shout the message from the rooftops. Literally.

In a bizarre skit that suggests the writers had hit a creative impasse that week, Fallon was pictured taking a rooftop break and indulging in a little yodelling - as you do. Only to be greeted by an answering yodel from a handily nearby Brad Pitt. "Brad?" Fallon yelled. "Jimmy?" Brad replied.

The guess-you-had-to-be-there comedy continued apace with the two exchanging handily-subtitled yodels. "Hey, crazy idea... You wanna try a double yodel?" Brad howled over. "A double yodel? But that's never been done before!" Fallon replied. And so forth, until the delivery of the obligatory line that was the only reason Pitt was humiliating himself in this fashion. "By the way, congrats on World War Z."

With the US chat-show circuit increasingly becoming a mere tool of the Hollywood PR machine, at least Fallon should be credited with trying to be a little creative, even if the results were the same: a blatant plug for the new movie.

The film opens in the UK on June 21. But remember, when you queue for your ticket at your local UCI, it's World War Zed, not Zee. And when they ask if you want a hot dog and Coke, ask nicely but firmly for tea and scones instead.

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