Brad Pitt is a closet bisexual and Angelina Jolie knows his secret

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A Hollywood insider has revealed that Brad Pitt is bisexual and that his wife Angelina Jolie is comfortable with him sleeping with men. The revelation comes in an exclusive Star Magazine interview with Hesham 'Sham' Ibrahim who claims to know the couple well as he has mixed in the same social circles for years.

Pitt and Jolie as Hollywood's premier celebrity couple have to live out their lives under the microscope and their sexuality is something that many people wonder about. Ibrahim claims that Pitt has had plenty of relationships with men over the past 10 years as he told the magazine "I don’t want to define Brad Pitt’s sexuality, but whatever it is, he’s into guys."

He says that he has spoken to a number of men who Pitt met through a website called www.rentboy.com. He revealed details of Brad meeting with one such men, an adult actor called Cameron Fox, saying "When he got there, an assistant met him in the lobby and took him to a room. Sure enough, there was Brad Pitt."

However, Ibrahim claims that Pitt did not find Fox attractive in person and asked him to leave adding "I guess Brad has picky taste." He also indicated that Jolie knows about these meetings and is accepting of the situation saying "As someone who has dated bisexual men, I have to say that having an understanding really is the only way their relationship can last. They need to accept each other, and, since Angelina is into girls, they do."

Jolie herself was bisexual before settling down with Pitt and she has openly admitted she had a loving relationship with fellow actress Jenny Shimizu. On their time together, Jolie said "I fell in love with her the first second I saw her. I would probably have married Jenny if I hadn't married my husband."

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