Brad Pitt Fury Movie Earns Village £1million

Having upset residents by filming fight sequences for his upcoming World War 2 movie, Fury, on Remembrance Sunday, and after ruining their peace and quiet for 7 weeks, Brad Pitt and the crew behind the film have sent messages thanking the villager for their patience and support.

Pitt sent a personal note to them while the film’s producer John Lesher told press: “'We’ve experienced incredible hospitality and appreciate the warm welcome we’ve received from the local community.” Ethan Smith, another producer for the movie, echoed those sentiments: “We know that filming in a close-knit community over seven weeks can at times present some challenges for the residents but we appreciate our mutual business relationship.”

The film’s writer and director, David Ayer explained that the sleepy Oxfordshire village of Shirburn was ideal for his movie as “The expanse of the countryside lends itself perfectly to our story’s setting and the immense skies and light of the area have given the film an unmatchable quality.”

The filming of movie that also stars Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman and Michael Peqa has been a major disturbance for the residents, as villager Sue Ford explains: “I've heard gunfire which is quite startling. Very frightening. The tanks are incredibly noisy.” Another villager, Kim Emerson, said that some other residents feel fortunate to be involved: “We're kind of lucky enough that we live in a semi-film set. There's always something going on whether it's Midsomers… Sherlock Holmes… so we're kind of getting pretty used to it now.” The villagers have also earned from the experience as estimates suggest that around £1million has been put into the local economy thanks to the movie makers eating in restaurants and staying in guest houses and hotels.

The residents will have to wait until the November 2014 release date to get a glimpse of the finished movie that tells the story of a Sherman tank crew undertaking a dangerous mission towards the end of the war.

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