Boys' night out!

Prince Harry seems to be making the most of his Christmas holidays, enjoying a lads' night out in London.

The prince, 27, was pictured leaving the Arts Club in Mayfair after partying with a number of VIPs, including David Beckham and James Corden.

Harry was spotted grinning widely as he left the venue shortly after 3am. Revellers claimed that he was in high spirits inside the club too, donning a Santa hat for much of the night.

James Cordon claimed that he has stayed away from alcohol while the rest of his friends indulged, tweeting the next monring: "AH! That wonderful feeling when you went out with mates but didn't drink and you know how they're all feeling this morning! #feelinggood!"

David and Victoria arrived home to England from Los Angeles last week to spend Christmas with their families.

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