Boyle's sleepless in West Lothian

Last month Susan Boyle’s brother expressed fears for his sister’s safety after she came home from recording the Haiti charity single to find an intruder in her house, and now he says that because of that she can’t sleep in her own home. The Britain’s Got Talent superstar has displayed (and admitted) a history of depression and has had a series of public breakdowns since her rise to fame and fortune.

‘Getting back to her little council home used to be her release but now it's more like a prison cell,’ said John Boyle, who has also questioned the motives of those behind her place at the top of the pop tree. ‘After she was confronted by an intruder last month she can't sleep even though she has security posted outside her home 24/7.

‘Susan's become a curtain twitcher - she spends hours in the night staring out from behind her curtains. When she can't sleep she rings me or plays things over and over in her head until they almost crush her. I try and lift her out of this negative mind-set but it is so hard.’

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