Boyle-ing over

So all this fame that has been heaped on Susan Boyle's shoulders is really starting to have an effect. It seems that she won't be able to go on tour with the Britain's Got Talent travelling circus because of her recent breakdown after losing in the final to the cast of 'You Got Served 2', otherwise known as Diversity.

The singer is still in the Priory in north London, and promoters of the tour are worried that without their easily patronised heart string-puller people might ask for their money back. And what with them adding seven more dates to the tour, they've probably got every right to be concerned.

A source from the show said to the Sun: 'We are working on a day-by-day basis here. This is about someone's health and future,' while the Culture Secretary Andy Burnham waded in, saying 'There's a need to look after people properly around the intense process.' Meanwhile someone who was chucked into the 24 hour-a-day spotlight is in an expensive mental health clinic. Grim.

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