Boyle-ing into America

SuuuuBo.....o. It seems like a while since those famous syllables were dominating the world press. Well, Susan Boyle, Britain's Got Talent's biggest export to date, is about to be the name on every chatshow host's lips again because she's scheduled to perform on the America's Got Talent final. Web samurai PerezHilton, claims that producers on the show 'love' SuBo and can't wait to see her perform to the level she wowed everyone at the first time round.

Boyle's album is out November 24th and has already topped the Amazon pre-order charts.

Although the pressure of performing on the Britain's Got Talent final clearly got to SuBo back then, (not to mention the merciless media hype-come-bitching she had to endure) the fact that she's been lying low of late and concentrating on her singing means she'll probably trot out a strong performance. Are boffins already preparing for the internet 'breaking' again due to the inevitable SuBo YouTube bashing post-show? The final takes place September 16th. We shall see.....

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