Boy George BB Ban

Lots of big/small names have been mentioned as potential tenants for the forthcoming series of Celebrity Big Brother but in a twist of irony the one bonafide famous person who wants to enter the house won't be allowed to take part.

Boy George was due on the reality show but because it would break the terms of his probation the high court has ruled he won’t be allowed to star in it. The Culture Club singer who was jailed for 15 months in January after he was found guilty of handcuffing a male escort to a radiator in his home was expected to earn £200,000 for his appearance.

Richard Clayton from the Probation Service stated that the criminal justice system would have been undermined if the Boy George was to earn 'a lucrative sum of money' from the show.

Celebrity Big Brother starts on January 3rd on Channel 4, with big names celebs; MC Hammer and Pamela Anderson rumoured to be on board. Paul Denan is also expected to enter the house.

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