Bowie has the X-Factor

After seeing the ledge that is Sir Paul McCartney doing a random and unnecessary (for him, anyway) ten minute slot on The X-Factor Final last Sunday, you’d be right in thinking that anything on the show is now possible.

Talking to the NME, the evil genius behind the X-Factor (that's Simon Cowell in case you didn't know) said he’s eyeing up space oddity and all round musical genius David Bowie to appear on next year's show.

‘I'm thinking we should do something for David Bowie. I think that would be good. Just because he's a great songwriter.’ Said Syco.

Following on from Eminem’s apparent wish to appear on the X-Factor as a judge, he added: ‘I'd love to have them on as guest judges on a theme which would make them comfortable.’

Jedward Theme Week rumours start here.....

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