Boss, can I borrow your boat?

The 18 month relationship between Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley seems to be hotting up nicely, with rumours abounding that Frank wants to borrow his boss, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich's yacht, in order to propose in the most romantic way possible. Ah, bless...

A source told The Daily Mail, 'Frank intends to propose in the most romantic way possible. He's got it all planned out. He will spent most of June away with Christine and by the time he and Christine are back in London, they will be engaged.

However, Christine has made clear that she's not expecting a proposal, 'People keep asking when he’s going to ask me to marry him. But I’m the last person who should know that. We went to Paris for two days a few weeks ago and suddenly it was, 'Look, they’re ring shopping.' No, we weren’t and he certainly hasn’t asked. We’ve only been seeing each other a year and a half, which isn’t long enough for me. There are his children to think about, too.'

Ah, oh dear, this is embarassing - quick, stall the the yacht plans, Lamps...

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