Bored of being sick

Since the nation's Princess has been laid low with malaria, the red tops have been forced to think creatively for stories about her. Afterall, there's only so much you can say about the girl lolling on the sofa, reading magazines and picking at mum's home grub....

No there isn't! There are tons of angles. Like the fact that she is now, apparently bored to tears. Boo-oo-oored. And the fact that Derek Hough has been popping round to lift her out of her funk. (Thanks Dezza...) Then there's the fact that Cheryl has made a few home improvements while she's been laid up. Security chiefs have beefed up security to keep those rampant X Factor fans at bay. A well versed media source says:

'Cheryl has made a few changes at home. She is spending more time there than ever while she recuperates. She hasn't received any threats but thought it wise to update all the precautions. She believes a more secure domestic situation will help her return to full strength sooner.'

For crying out loud hurry up and get back on the celebrity circuit Chezza....

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