Boozy Gaga

Lady Gaga has shown that she, unlike many pop stars, has the common touch. You only have to read this wonderful piece on her in The Times to see that, despite the comparisons, she is nothing like Madonna in style or substance. For one thing Gaga seems to love just going out for a drink with people (and she gets a round in as well – good girl), and not hide herself away in the VIP room either.

Not that the Prince of Waleswhere she was spotted on Wednesday night – in the centre of Birmingham has one of those. While enjoying a few vodka and cokes at the Brummie boozer the pop megastar tweeted: ‘In a pub in England ruining bar napkins with lyrics and memories. Dreams are never weak like we are, drunk or sober.’ You’d never guess she’d been on the piss for a while, would you? Best of all, for the staff at least, she left a massive tip, apparently hundreds of pounds.

‘Everyone was stunned when this striking blonde came in,’ said an onlooker to The Sun. ‘Most of the blokes had no idea who she was at first. She sat at the bar with a pal for two hours, downing spirits and scribbling notes.

‘She told the locals how much she was enjoying having a drink on a day off because she can't handle drinking before a show. She signed autographs for staff and left a huge tip – a few hundred pounds.’

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