Boozing it up at NME awards

The NME awards, held last night in London’s O2 centre, like all good British award ceremonies, weren’t short of drunken antics. Apparently the drunken queen of the night was Kelly Osbourne, who allegedly turned up already a bit tipsy and by 5pm was swigging straight from a wine bottle– good on ya, Kel!

Kelly also had to present an award and shouted “go f*** your mother” at the presenter, who introduced her as “queen of hanging out with the bands”. Not content with the awards party, she and pal Kate Moss headed off to Punk nightclub, leaving in the small hours looking somewhat dishevelled…

And Arctic Monkeys front-man Alex Turner, although on better behaviour than at his last award ceremony, still ended up covered in sick when his TV presenter girlfriend Alexa Chung vommed all over him. (Apparently she was suffering from food poisoning – a likely story.)

Alex was ever the gentleman and accompanied his girlfriend to the toilet and held back her hair – wasn’t that nice of him? Although he could hardly refuse after Alexa supported him (in every sense of the word) last week…

(Image: from YouTube)

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