Boosh on the silver screen

The Mighty Boosh have announced that they’re working on a film and an album. Let’s hope that the pair return to form with their new material, as both series three of the TV programme and their second live show failed to hit the mark, and only succeeded in bringing more weirdly dressed losers out of the woodwork.

So far details are sketchy, as Noel Fielding says that he’s ‘got to stop doing that' (telling people important plot details). 'I've been stung too many times’, he said. But the pair did at least admit to the BBC’s Newsbeat that they were penning both projects as we speak. ‘We're writing a film at the moment and an album, so hopefully next year.’

‘We try and do, on TV, quite magical epic journeys and we thought if you're doing a film we should really do it in one room, basically just kind of a sitcom for 90 minutes,’ said Julian Barratt. ‘So we might do that. We might do exactly what we didn't do on TV.’

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