Bookies' X-Factor Panic

We’re all in agreement that John & Edward on The X-Factor are a joke, and an entertaining one at best. But not everyone is having a laugh watching the Grimm Twins massacre perfectly palatable pop song after perfectly palatable pop song; the bookies aren’t seeing the funny side at all. If the two evil twins win, the men in the small shouty shops stand to lose a crippling £20million. Ouch.

According to The Sun, Ladbrokes have said an optimistic nutcase has popped a credit-crunching £10,000 on the pair to romp home to victory, the highest wager ever put on an X-Factor hopeful.

"Since Saturday we've had more bets on Jedward than the others put together. It would be a catastrophe if they won," said Ladbrokes' David Williams. Bookies have now taken drastic measures and cut the twins' odds from 150/1 to a meagre 4/1.

This stinks of a Simon Cowell conspiracy to us: it’s a win/win situation for him - if Jedward don't triumph he's ecstatic, if they do he's looking at a very handsome payout. DAMN YOU SYCO! Always one step ahead.....

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