Boogie snoggie

When Madonna snogged Britney at the MTV music awards it set a precedent for stage managed faux lesbian clinches. It also set a couple of rules: snoggers have to be different in age; they must have mutual interest for the clinch (career to salvage, a comeback), and they must downplay it to the press as one of those things that 'just happened'.

Well Heather Graham and Jamie Winston tick all of those boxes and a little bit more. The breathless beauties also get their boobs out. A sneak preview of Boogie Woogie (in which said romping takes place), has us thinking one thing: it's not one to watch with mum, dad or gran in the room. That said, the girl on girl action is clearly a non gratuitous part of the film's meta-narrative. Which is? Er, everyone is knocking everyone else off. Check it out.

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