Bollywood to make Hitler biopic (really!)

Sometimes a story comes along which is so bizarre we don't have to dress it up with any hilarious wordplay to make it entertaining. This, we suspect, is one such story...

Crazy as it may seem, a first-time Indian film director, Rakesh Ranjan Kumar, has decided to make an Indian film about Adolf Hitler, with the führer, his partner Eva Braun, and all the main characters played by Indian actors. Respected actor Anupam Kher has signed up to play the madman, while former Miss India Neha Dhupia is to portray Eva Braun.

'It will be a romance but not in the typical sense,' explains the director, unhelpfully.

The bad news is that Dear Friend Hitler won't be quite the kitsch catastrophe it sounds. Rather than an all-singing-all-dancing Bollywood extravanganza, it looks set to be a sombre affair. 'There are no plans for any musical routines in the film,' notes the Times. You can almost hear the reporter's disappointment through the page...

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