Goodness. For a star so associated with glamour as Zsa Zsa Gabor, any frailty is a little shocking. But Gabor is 93, and after she was admitted to hospital with severe leg pain last November, it became clear that age is catching up with her.

Now it's clear just how serious her condition is. The star has been rushed to hospital for an emergency operation - amputation of her lower leg!

The problem stems, apparently, from the same problems Gabor suffered last year. Doctors advised she have the surgery before Christmas but, according to HeatWorld, her 9th husband Prince von Anhalt 'had steadfastly refused treatment for his wife, insisting that she wanted to spend Christmas at home.'

Yesterday, though, Gabor's doctors realised the blood clot had spread and was life-threatening. Gabor was rushed by ambulance to a narby hospital for the operation. No word yet on how it went but as far as we know she's still alive, so we guess no news is good news in this case.

Get well soon Gabor...

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